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Terms fo affiliates

Term for affiliates


  • By the fact of affiliate promotion system, you acknowledge the unconditional acceptance of these Rules.
  • Befor registration of affiliate APS, you are to perform the preparations.
  • All of your questions related to web design, programming and other, that is not related directly to the affiliate APS, will be ignored.
  • The system is provided 'as is' ie developer does not guarantee that the script does not contain errors, or that such errors will be eliminated. If you find any errors, you must immediately notify JetSwap administration. The use of reported bugs to cause any kind of damage to the system or violation of its normal functioning is prohibited.
  • Administration is not responsible for any damage suffered by you or any third party due to use of the system or any of its parts.
  • The domain name of your affiliate APS can not contain the word jetswap.
  • Not allowed to use any services of JetSwap service or affiliate systems (including your affiliate system) for luring customers of JetSwap service or other affiliate services to your affiliate system, ie disseminating information on any bonuses or other benefits for customers of your affiliate system to the customers of JetSwap or other affiliate systems, using the services of JetSwap or other affiliate systems, including your affiliate system.
  • On the promoted in JetSwap service or affiliate systems (including your affiliate system) pages of your affiliate system should not be placed such an information or links to pages containing such the information.

    You may without any restrictions to disseminate such the information in any promotion systems, non JetSwap or affiliate system. JetSwap servise or affiliate systems (including yours) can promote your affiliate page of the system, containing only basic information about your system and do not contain any information about the additional benefits of your system relative to other affiliate systems or JetSwap, and do not contain links to such the information. On the pages of your APS can be placed any information regarding the benefits of registering in your APS, that does not violate any other paragraph of the rules, but pages that contain links to such an information, as well as pages that contain links to such pages may not be promoted by JetSwap service or affiliate systems, including yours.

    To attract visitors to your APS with other promotion systems -- ALLOWED!. To attract vicitors to your APS, using JetSwap services or affiliate systems (including yours) -- NOT ALLOWED!!!

  • Administration reserves the right to change these rules without prior notice.
Inactivity and deleting of the affiliate systems.
  • Inactine affiliate systems will be deleted.
  • Affiliate system is considered inactive if its monthly turnover is less than $ 10. Exception: The first month after start of the system.
  • Affiliate rewards are credited only if the status of your system is 'active'.
  • If your system has been suspended, you can deposit funds to increase the turnover of your system, up to 10th of each month. Use the affiliate account. Other way, 10th of the current month, your system will be deleted.
  • All the registered customers of the deleted system, are moving in favor of JetSwap, if they have not been recorded in violations. Otherwise, violators awill be removed.
  • Registration fee is not refundable in any case
  • In case of deleting of your JetSwap account, affiliate APS will be deleted too.
  • In case of balance on the affiliate account is - $ 1 (minus one dollar) or - 1000 (minus a thousand) of points, affiliate system wil be suspended. Affiliate have the possibility to dispose of arrears within 10 days, otherwise, his system will be deleted.
Terms of affiliate system modernization and management.
  • You must manage your own system without involving JetSwap administration.
  • You must resolve all the disputed issues with your customers and advertisers, without involving JetSwap administration. You can involve JetSwap administration only if you can not solve the problem by your own. It is not allowed to place any details of JetSwap on pages of your system. Your service support should respond to customers questions within a maximum of 48 hours.
  • After setting of design and language of surfing with the new parameters, you must always check system for serviceability.
  • You are, within 48 hours after the publication of the APS updates, to perfofm all the instructions to set your affiliate system into compliance with new opportunities. Updates instructions are published on the forum. Also, notification is sent to the email, specified during APS registration.
  • Link to the registration in your affiliate system, located on the Main or working URL, look like http://working_URL/reg. (example: http://go.jetswap.net). Placement of referral links or other is not allowed.
  • In the domains, used for main or a working URL, is forbidden to place referral links to register in JetSwap, your affiliate system or other affiliate systems. Also is forbidden to publish information about the additional benefits of any kind for customers, who have registered as your referrals. It is also forbidden to post the links to such information, posted on other domains.
  • You have the right to register a single account in your affiliate system for needs of your own, that do not violate the general rules of JetSwap, but you can not be your own referral in any status in JetSwap service or any other affiliate system (including affiliate systems of your referrals).
  • In case of violation of any of these provisions, the administration has the right to send a notice of violation, impose a fine, suspend your affiliate system or delete it at their own discretion based on the circumstances. Imposition of fines is performing on JetSwap account, for which APS has been registered. In case of failure to pay a fine, imposed on the account in JetSwap service, this account and affiliate APS will be deleted.

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