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Create your own Active Promotion Service (APS)

Own APS - what for?

Active Promoeion System - is a highly profitable business in the field of visitors exchange. Having your own APS, you can easily earn $ 1000 per month. And this is not the limit, this is only the beginning! We are currently developing revolutionary new ways to advertise and earn money! Creating your own promotion system, you can significantly increase your earnings with virtually no initial investment in the shortest time.

Why our proposal is advantageous?

The lack of initial investment. Have you ever thought about how to open your own APS? And most important - how much will it cost? Answer - Development of the inferior ATS with standard design, placement, etc. will cost about $ 500 start-up funds (of course, if you want to create something really worthwhile, you need to invest much more). And it is not the fact, that after such spent of funds, Your APS will gain popularity among users, and most importantly - advertisers.

High functionality Using affiliate APS service, you will get a full capacity of a multifunctional JetSwap system with it's lots of visitors! Neither ATS does not have such broad powers as JetSwap! We are constantly developing new capabilities, so that it why, your APS will gain popularity quickly, because of its unique capabilities.

Any prices Affiliate APS servise gives you an opportunity to setany prices for your service, as higher, then system prices, and so lower. In any case, your earnings are calculated as follows: earning = your_price - system_price + affiliate_rate Affiliate discount can be from 5 to 50% depending on the total turnover of your system.

Any languadge and disign! You have the opportunity to completely change the language and design of the system to fit your needs, thereby ensuring the individuality of your promotion system. APSes in other languages are wellcome to expand the zone of distribution network. Creating APS in your native language or in your native region, you provide the benefits of a monopoly and can dictate prices in your area of influence!

No any worries We undertake the care of the organization of the visitors exchange on our own. You can not worry about where to host your website (hosting providers unlike APS due to the large consumption of resources), because it requires only to place the part of our system with information, describing the APS, and the whole process part will be stored with us. You do not have to develop any programs, forcing users to view sites of advertisers, etc. The only your task - to attract the advertisers. If you know how to do it professionally, then our offer for you! If you are not sure of yourself, you can try, and suddenly you may get a good idea, because you have nothing to lose, and you can earn serious money!

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