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Task-Surfing - the latest technology with the participation of visitors, surfing your sites. The main feature of the technology - visitors are not irritated at the presence of advertising, but on the contrary, are interested in viewing!

The Principle: visitor should earn for you a certain number of points to get a link to valuable information. A lot of webmasters, day by day accumulate a large amount of material, which frome the one side is not profitable to spread in the free access, and from the other side, this content is not well-purchased because it is difficult to find buyers, and the product has already become obsolete.

A lot of customers, who don't want to spend money for the goods (or do not have this capability) will surely want to get it for free, for browsing a few sites .. All, that required from you - is to submit the link to the good and place a special link, obtained from our service, on your site. The link will look like http://go.jetswap.net/task?t=ID, where ID - number of task, shown in table. You can create an unlimited number of links and assign any price for the goods.

If link above does not work, for whatever reason, use the followink link: http://go.jetswap.net/task.

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