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Placing banners in surfing

Banner network in the surfing of JetSwap service

Placing of the promotion content on the advertising platform of JetSwap service - is a profitable investment. The total attendance of this advertising platform (per day) is 50 thousand of unique visitors, and the total number of hits - 150 thousand. Such an activity can make the cost of advertising here - the best in the Web, and 468x60 banner format - to provide an adequate response from the audience.

  • 1000 banner impressions for unique visitors (hosts) for only $0.05 or 200 points of service.
  • 1000 banner impressions for non-unique visitors (hits) for only $0.02 or 80 points of service.
How to place?

To be able to place your promotional materials, you must be a registered customer of the system. If you have not yet registered, sign in here!

Registered customers may follow the link below:


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