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SafeSurf - A new approach to active promotion!
"SafeSurf" conception - A new approach to the idea of active promotion, allowing the customer to get rid of annoying pop-ups, communication failures, frame breaking, and other constraints on viewing sites, and advertisers to promote sites, that can't be impressed in other types of surfing. All this is achieved by site impressions a special program that uses the most secure Firefox browser.

Possibilities offered by technology:
  • No pop up windows
  • No frame breaking
  • Improved resiliency
  • The minimum traffic flow rate
  • Continue browsing for any failures!

  • Discover new opportunities! Install the program!

  • Full control on loading site!
  • Cheat absolutely excluded!
  • 100% clean hits to the ratings!
  • Opportuniti of substitution of referred pages
  • Possibility to promote sites containing PopUps or breaking system frame

  • Change the way of site promotion to "SafeSurf"

For sites that contain scripts of pop-up or frame destruction in surfing, mode of promotion is "Only SafeSurf" must necessarily be enabled!

  • Download the program
Execution of the program requires increased protection of your computer from viruses that may be contained on the sites added by advertisers. Besides the use of updated antivirus and firewall, while viewing the sites we recommend to use virtual machine or Sandboxie. If you have not installed Sandboxie, you can simply put this archive into the program folder and your computer protection will be increased.
It is forbidden to use the program without the consent or acquiescence of the computer owner, your account will be deleted!.

Program requires of installed .NET Framework 2.0 on your computer. If you see a message "Error of initializing the application" when running the program, then .NET Framework is not installed on your computer, and it should be downloaded and installed, or download the first of the proposed installers, which contains all the necessary files.

To install the program, use one of the variants:

Windows Vista users!
To ensure correct operation of the program do the following:
  • Make sure that the language programs for non-Unicode, was established Russian. To do this, open Control Panel -> Change keyboards or other input methods (in classic mode is called "Regional and Language Options") -> Advanced. Click the "Change Language System" and set the Russian, if necessary.
  • Check the checkbox "Run this program as administrator" on the tab "Compatibility" in the properties of the label "JetSwap SafeSurf" in the Start menu or file safesurf.exe, if it has been extracted from the archive. Advanced users instead of enebling of this tick can configure the appropriate access rights: the program should have permissions to read and write to the registry, file system and network.
Testings of the program were performed with Windows XP /Vista. For the successful work of this program, enable performing of any network actions for programs safesurf.exe and surfguard.exe.
  • Change the way of promotion to SafeSurf
Our system is unique in that, that you get all the methods of promotion, available in the system, at the same price. Therefore, if you will do nothing, then your website will be impressed in surfing, including SafeSurf.

However, if you wish, for some reason to use only SafeSurf you can simply mark the appropriate box in the settings of your site. To do it, choose desirable site from site list and click on the link "Change site".

Promotion with using SafeSurf worth 50% more (in points), but has several advantages: allows to promote sites, using PopUp, Frame breaking scripts, any kind of scripts of adding in favourites, displaing of message windows etc. All that actions are suspending by program do not cause any harm to the visitor's computer.


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